“Dr. Sagona will be an outstanding asset to any music department

for she is capable of teaching a variety of subject areas including but

not limited to performance (solo and collaborative), pedagogy, music history,

and theory with experience, expertise, exuberance and joy.”


- Prof. Steven Glaser, Professor of Piano, The Ohio State University, U.S.




“Amalia is an outstanding musician. Her technique is of a high professional level.

She learns new repertoire quickly and she has a deep understanding of both the emotional and the intellectual content of compositions.”


- Csaba Erdélyi, the only violist ever to win the Carl Flesch Violin Competition (1972)




“I assure that Ms. Amalia Sagona, given her knowledge, professional status and also her excellent personality, will be a trustworthy choice of any academic or other

institution that credits choices of excellent quality and artistic integrity.

I recommend without any reservation Ms. Sagona as an excellent artistic presence for any organization of cultural and artistic activities; I am confident that Ms. Sagona

will respond successfully to any professional artistic challenge.”


- Prof. Lambis Vassiliadis, Professor of Piano, Ionian University, Greece




“I have no reservations in recommending Ms. Sagona for positions that include solo

and collaborative piano performance as well as teaching positions that would include work with students at any age or level of advancement. She is also qualified to teach supportive courses in piano literature and music history and theory.”


- Dr. Kenneth Williams, Professor of Piano Pedagogy, The Ohio State University, U.S.




“As her supervisor for accompanying activities attached to her graduate assistantship, I have observed Amalia collaborating with vocalists of all ranges and instrumentalists from violinists to saxophonists. She has an enormous repertoire and a phenomenal ear for flexibility. Her collaborative work is thoughtful and supportive. She receives nothing but compliments from the faculty and is extremely collegial. Amalia was truly an asset to our graduate piano program.”


- Dr. Laura Melton, Professor of Piano, Coordinator of Keyboard Area Studies, Bowling Green State University, U.S.




“I recommend with great enthusiasm and without reservation Amalia Sagona. I trust she will find outlets for her great talent as a pianist.”


- Prof. Katherine Borst Jones, Professor of Flute and Area Head - The Ohio State University, Past President - National Flute Association, U.S.

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